Coastal Scenes - April 2021

Coastal Scenes - April 2021

I'll be honest - this winter and first quarter of 2021 was hard. Not for one reason in particular; it just felt hard. Maybe it did for you, too?

I found my motivation to create was lacking. Partial creative block, partial not having enough time.

But more recently, I've found that these coastal scenes have started bringing me out of that funk. The gorgeous NC weather we've been having, the promise of summer, and the easy accessibility that my sketchbook and watercolors give me. Inspiration from past summers spent on NC beaches, as well as our trip to California last fall, fueled the creation of these mini coastal scenes.

Mornings in Carmel

The colors and vegetation found in the sandy dunes. The marks left in the sand by fellow beach goers and wildlife. That feeling of the salty breeze resting on your sticky skin. These are the memories and the feeling that keeps me moving forward when life feels a bit like winter. 

Grassy Dunes

The inspiration of these mini scenes come from this longing of summer, the longing of those memories and feelings only found along the coast. I have countless photos on my phone from morning run/walks on the beach, boat rides, sunsets on the water. I used these photos and a bit of memory and imagination to create these mini coastal scenes. 

morning run

I also pulled from my sketchbook paintings and sketches. I found lots of joy in the grassy dunes and colorful vegetation in my West Coast paintings. I have several coastal scenes in my sketchbook - so I have a feeling this is a subject I'm not leaving behind for a while!


8 mini coastal scenes will be available Thursday 4/22 at 9 AM est. Each painting is 6x9 and depicts these feelings and memories I've described here. I hope you love them just as much as I loved creating them. 

mini coastal scenes

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