November 2020 Recap

November 2020 Recap

Y'all - November FLEW by! While the month flew by, each day was mostly spent at home. And for some reason - even though we have been in this semi-quarantine since March - it was such a sweet month to be home. We cleaned out part of our attic, bed side tables, the pantry, refreshed our bed with new sheets and comforter, decorated for Christmas! It was a month that felt like it was all about preparing our home and our hearts for the coming season, and just savoring the quiet moments. My favorite times this month have been watching Christmas movies or curling up to read a book.

From the Erin Droese Designs stand point, this month was full of Oyster Ornament making, Custom Home Portrait creating, and GRATITUDE WEEK celebrating! A lot of planning went into all the deals and giveaways we did last week and it just felt so good to get it all out there to y'all! I'm so grateful for this community that you have helped me build around Erin Droese Designs. So I wanted to make GRATITUDE WEEK really special as my way of saying THANK YOU. So we had daily deals, giveaways, and a sale on the site all weekend. Overall, I'd say it was a success! Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me this past week - it means the world!

Since the month was filled with creating oyster ornament packages and custom home portraits, I don't have much "new" art to share, but I did get some quality time in my sketchbook. Check out my favorite pages here: 

sailboats leaves sketchbook


pacific coast sketchbook


coastal sketchbook


Which sketch is your favorite?!

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