October 2020 Recap!

October 2020 Recap!

October 2020 has been an interesting month to say the least. Full of worries and uncertainty, but also full of good memories and rewarding moments for Erin Droese Designs. I am a big believer in documenting the good and the bad whether through journaling, photographs, or paintings. SO, I've pulled together this recap of October happenings at Erin Droese Designs. Enjoy!


What the inside of my brain has looked like for most of October: 
oyster ornament
Launched the Holiday Oyster Ornament Package! One-of-a-kind oyster shell ornament with a one-of-a-kind oyster shell sketch. These have been a joy to make and put together, so thank you ALL for allowing me to give you a taste of the coast for your holidays!
October also saw the launch of Custom Home Portraits! My favorite part of creating these is sketching out the home with pencil and adding finishing touches in painting the foliage. 
custom home portrait
We voted early! Who knows what is going to happen with this election. But I keep telling myself that no matter what happens, I can still love and try for better for the people right here in my community. 
early voting
After launching all of these goodies, my husband and I took a trip to California where we rented a car, started in LA and drove up to San Francisco, ending our time in Napa. The landscape out west is wild! Beaches, mountains, cliffs, the wildlife. It was wonderful to witness. Carmel, CA was probably our favorite place to stay. We also loved the cool, laid back vibe in Ventura, CA and the bright, cheeriness of Santa Barbara, CA. Here are some of our favorite sites: 
Really really really want to do a California/West Coast series after the holidays! Stay tuned!


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Rachel, I enjoy your monthly post. I especially enjoyed your comments on your California trip. Ben and his family live in S SAN Francisco. It is a beautiful state. I see your dad occasionally; however I am not able to go to Caton often.

Marie W Gray

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